Do you want to enhance your performance?
Being able to connect more with your participants?
Get new techniques and finesses that will give you more options?

Welcome to Assorted Thoughts
In this publication you will get 37 tips,finesses,techniques and more  that will give you new tools in your performance.
No "effects/mentalism demonstrations", just solid and real world ideas that you can add to your existing routines.

Techniques for creating rapport
Let the participant FEEL and CONFIRM that a spoon is twisting in his hand
GREAT add-on finesse to the "Dry Marker" Principle 
How to REALLY create the appearance of mindreading
Techniques for readings
How to force a participant in an easy, fun and simple way
How to get a isolated pendulum to move WITHOUT GIMMICKS

and MORE!!


This work is brilliant.
I LOVE the dry pen idea, very sneaky....the essay on creating reputation is also very interesting, and the business card peek also very devilish!
There is soooo much material here that will make you think a lot, is really worth to check this out.
I like the fact that Pablo has analyzed every nuance that will make stronger your performances.
Luca Volpe

 For those that like readings of all sorts, Pablo gives you little touches to take them to another level. Some interesting ideas here.
Greg Arce

This eBooks it is packed with effects [some, his clever variations on known effects), performance tips, and ideas. I like books that contain not just effects...but also include information and ideas to improve my own performance.
Nice job Pablo!
Rich Hennessey

…Like this a lot: there is a lot of good stuff in here, and there is something for everyone in here, with the subject matter covering topics from metal bending to readings
Gerard Grey

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